The Battle of Bazeilles : 153rd Anniversary Celebrated
On Friday September 8th 2023, the French Ambassador in Cameroon H.E Thierry Marchand presided over the commemoration ceremony marking the 153rd anniversary of the Battle of Bazeilles at the Military Technical and Assistance Circle. A delegation from the Ministry of Defence, headed by the Secretary of State in charge of Ex-Servicemen and War Victims Koumpa Issa, graced the ceremony.

The event proper kicked off with the installation of the Cameroon and French delegations, not leaving behind invitees. Next on the agender was the singing of the Cameroon and French national anthems by the Headquaters Brigade Military band. In the course of the commemoration ceremony, the review of the troops was carried out by Colonel Edel and Colonel Solignac.

As regards Battle of Bazeilles, Major Cotte highlighted on his speech that it was fought from August 31st to September 1st 1870, and was actually, an ambush of the Bavarians, who were allies of the Prussians, by a small detachment of the « Blue Division » Troupes des marines, known also as marsouins, under the command of Elie de Vassoigne. Although outnumbered (ten against one) , the French took over the village until Napoleon  III gave orders to withdraw. After seven hours of conflict, Bavarian troops took control of the Village, and the  captured  Franc-tireur partisans, along  with other civilians who were considered unlawful combattants,  were later executed.

Later that same day, France suffered crushing defeat at the Battle of Sedan where Napoleon III his army were captured.

In memory of the troupes de marine who fought  beyond extreme limits of duty, the anniversary of the Battle of Bazeilles is now commemorated  by the troupes de Marine.

Upon the brief history behind the Celebration of the Battle of Bazeilles, a minute of silence was observed in memory of those who perished during the Battle.

Speaking during the ceremony, the French Defence attaché Colonel Edel, seized the opportunity to introduce the newly appointed French officials in Cameroon.

The French Ambassador to Cameroon, in his speech, which marked the end of the ceremony,  expressed the French satisfaction with Cameroon in terms of Military  Cooperation and hoped that the bond that exist between the two countries continues to grow stronger.


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The Battle of Bazeilles : 153rd Anniversary Celebrated

On Friday September 8th 2023, the French Ambassador in...