The Headquarters Brigade is a reserve force that was established in the immediate aftermath of our country’s independence with the creation of the Command and Services Company (CCS) in 1960. This evolved over time into the Brigade it is today.

  • 1960: Establishment of the Command and Services Company;
  • 1965: Initial transformation of the CCS into a Command and Services Battalion (BCS);
  • 06 July 1976: Decree No. 76/282 to create the Headquarters Command;
  • 03 May 1985: Decree No. 85/631 to create the Headquarters Regiment;
  • 04 August 1993: Decree No. 93/212 to establish the Headquarters;
  • 25 July 2001: Decree No. 2001/183 to establish the Headquarters Brigade;
  • 30 March 2004: Decree No. 2004/065 on the internal organisation of the Headquarters Brigade;
  • 22 July 2013: Internal reorganisation of the Headquarters Brigade.


  • Ensuring security in the capital and its surroundings;
  • Defending sensitive points in its area of ​​responsibility, with the exception of those entrusted to the Presidential Guard;
  • Support for institutional bodies in its area of ​​responsibility.


To guarantee operational efficiency, the Brigade’s four combat formations will soon be relocated to the outskirts.

These include:

  • the 1st Intervention Battalion (1st BI) in Lobo;
  • the 2nd Intervention Battalion (2nd BI) in Balamba after the “Pont de l’Enfance”;
  • the 3rd Intervention Battalion (3rd BI) in Ayos;
  • the Support Battalion (BA) in Boumnyebel.