Sino-Cameroon technical cooperation.
During a ceremony rich in symbols, the Rear-Admiral, Chief of the Navy Staff proceeded on Friday 15 December 2023,

at the Naval Base of Douala, to the reception of a batch of spare parts for the patrol boats CNS LA SANAGA, and CNS le NTEM, as well as various equipment of the Floating Dock, offered by the Chinese partner Poly Technologie Inc.

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“Swearing-in of Naval Officers as Special Judicial Police Officers”

In execution of the terms of Law No. 2022/017 of December 27, 2022, on the suppression of piracy, terrorism...

“April 1st epaulette award ceremony at the Navy Staff”.

Captain TIENTCHEU NTICHI Honoré, Deputy Head of Operations at the Navy Staff representing Rear-Admiral MENDOUA...