Fitness walk prior to free medical consultation campaign at the 2nd Joint Military Regional Hospital.
As part of the activities in prelude of the free medical consultation campaign organized by the 2nd Joint Military Regional Hospital in Douala headed by Colonel Koki Godefroy which will take place from April 22 to 26, 2024, a sports walk unfolded on April 20, 2024.

This sports walk of about 8km which was a blend of military personnel of the Douala garrison serving in the National Gendarmerie, the Army, the Navy, the Firefighters Corps, the Military Engineering Corps as well as the civilian population was a means to create awareness for the Douala inhabitants and those of its environs.

After dishing out orders on the conduct to follow during the walk, the deputy of the 2nd Joint Regional Hospital Dr Colonel Eposse Goodman declared the start of the sports walk which took off as early as 6 :30am from the esplanade of the Command Post of the Second Joint Military Region passing through the New Bell roundabout, the Bonanjo post, the Governor’s services and back to the starting point.

It is worth noting that during the sports walk, a siren and loudspeaker were used to attract the attention of the population who were notified about the free consultation campaign with the objective being to consult a maximum of persons possible.

Additionally at the end of the sports walk, a football match was organized between the personnel of the 2nd Joint Regional Hospital and the 2nd Joint Military Sector with a score of 5-2 in favor of the 2nd Joint Military Sector.

This free consultation campaign at the 2nd Joint Regional Hospital is carried out three times yearly since the year 2022. Therefore, this current free medical consultation campaign counts for the first semester of the year 2024.

The Army and the nation bond was once more solidified because as we all know, health is wealth.


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