Ministry of defence reinforces logistic with 15 new buses.
The Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Defence, Beti Assomo Joseph added to the fleet of the Ministry of Defence 15 buses of Mickel brand from the Bus Transformation Company (SOTRABUS) on Thursday February 22, 2024 at the esplanade of the Headquarters Brigade in Yaounde.

This gesture will go a long way to enhance the operational capacity and efficiency of the Defence and Security Forces as mobility is tantamount to rapidity.

According to Colonel Tsimi Abdon, the Director of Joint Military Materials, these new buses are expected to contribute in the improvement of delivery services and connectivity within the Five Joint Military Regions. There by improving logistic and mobility efficiency of personnel especially those in crisis zones. To this, the Defence and Security Forces can transport more troops, equipment and supplies within the shortest possible time for time is a very crucial asserts to overall readiness in operations.

The Minister Delegate on his part was relieve to have these new buses as they will play a crucial role in humanitarian and operational missions for the well-being of all. While calling on the mechanics and drivers to be committed in ensuring that the buses are well-maintained to support diverse missions effectively.

It should be recalled that, SOTRABUS was created in 2014 and it is a company based in the Douala Port. The company signed its first contract with the Ministry of Defence in 2021 with the first two buses delivered in 2022.



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