Training seminar make up the Division of Military Security (SEMIL).
Some 20 Junior Officers of the Division of Military Security in the Ministry of Defence have received a two weeks training seminar piloted by foreign experts on intelligence gathering, surveillance and spinning.
The training seminar that kick started on November 14, 2023 brought together Junior Officers from the 10 antennas that make up the Division of Military Security (SEMIL).
Speaking during the handing over of end of course certificates and insignia, the Head of the Division for Military Security, Colonel Emile Bankoui acknowledged the presence of the experts and the assimilation of the lessons by the participants. The Head of the Division for Military Security added that, the two-weeks seminar is not only a means of reinforcing the capacity of the personnel but a way of waxing bilateral military cooperation ties most especially at the level of intelligence gathering. To this effect he urged the participants to put into proper use the knowledge acquired as he recapped that training plays an important role in the perfect functioning of every enterprise and the Ministry of Defence happens to be a perfect example to this assertion.
The experts on their part, thanked the head of state and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed forces, President Paul Biya for facilitating the training seminar. They also appreciated the dedication of the participants in the course of the training and assured the Head of the Division for Military Security and his collaborators that, they will always answer present when need be.
It should be recalled that, military intelligence gathering network is a discipline that uses information collection and analysis approaches to provide guidance and direction to assist commanders in their decisions.