“International Women’s Day Celebration at the Naval Staff”
In the wake of the grand parade on the Boulevard du 20 Mai in the presence of Mrs. Chantal BIYA, wife of the Head of State, Chief of the Armed Forces, and activities at the Headquarters Brigade under the watchful eye of Mr. BETI ASSOMO Joseph, Minister Delegate to the Presidency, in charge of Defense,

the Navy General Staff also held on the evening of March 08, 2024,  to celebrate its female staff through the organization of several activities and workshops.

Based on the theme of the 39th edition “Investing in Women: Accelerating the Pace” under the themes “Women’s Economic Empowerment” and “Equal Career Management”, the female personnel of the Naval Staff shared their experiences and testimonies, to welcome the progress towards gender equality in the diversity of its specialties.

Festive moments through dances, sketches, parades and cultural activities carried out by the Marinettes, preceded the body meal at the end of the day, offered in their honor by Rear Admiral MENDOUA Jean, Chief of Staff of the Navy, and presided over for the occasion by Captain Francis Aimé NGANWA, Major General of the Navy