Gaining access to a new job or engaging in a new income-generating activity during retirement should be a major concern for military personnel at the end of their career. The reconversion process for military personnel, through vocational training and capacity building, should lead to the setting up of a project leading to the creation of an SME/SMI (Small and Medium Enterprise or Small and Medium Industry) capable of creating wealth and employment, a guarantee of successful socio-economic reintegration and making the former soldier or war victim a full-fledged actor in the national economic development.

That is why the PALMIER-PME Programme ( In French, Programme Accéléré de Lancement des Militaires en fin de Carrière et dans l’Innovation et l’Entrepreneuriat pour leur Reconversion) was conceived. This is a joint MINDEF-APME Rapid Results Initiative for the socio-economic reintegration of pre-retired military personnel, Ex-Servicemen and War Victims through entrepreneurship training, financial support and mentoring. The initiative aims to help members of the Defence Forces not only to start up their own businesses after military service, but above all to make them prosper, thereby boosting local economic growth and generating jobs.


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