HEALTH: Cameroon Defense forces reassures population through health care.
A free consultation campaign is being carried out at the Douala Military Regional Hospital in Bonanjo from November 6 to 10, 2023 under the watch of the Commander of the 2nd Joint Military Region, Air Commodore EBA EBA BEDE Benoit. The Head of the 2nd.

Joint Military Regional Hospital, Dr. Colonel KOKI Godefroy made it clear that the free consultation campaign which has become normalcy in his hospital takes place at least twice a year and is open to the general public. This time around, consultations are carried out in the domains of ophthalmology, oncology, psychiatry, urology, radiology, anesthesia reanimation, dermatology, gastro enterology, biology and medical analysis as well as free biological tests.

He further said, after the patients finish the consultation procedure, they are directed towards the afore mentioned specialised units for thorough medical check up with a reduction in the costs during the five days.

It is worthy of note that, free surgeries will also be carried out on the first twenty five patients during this period and the total turn out expected is at least twenty thousand persons because according to statistics over two thousand seven hundred patients were received last February during the first phase of a similar free consultation campaign at the Douala Military Hospital.

This laudable initiative is very much appreciated by the population who affirmed that they are warmly welcomed and catered for by the qualified health personnel that is put at their disposal.

In addition, this kind gesture that falls in line with the vision of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, President Paul Biya is aimed at adding a plus to the already existing Army and Nation bond.