Special Recruitment of 2000 elite commandos GP -BIR 2023 : 750 candidates selected in West, Nordh -West Regions.
In the early hours on Monday November 27, 2023, the National Commission for the recruitment of 2,000 elites commandos for the Presidential Guard and the Rapid Intervention Battalion launched a 20 km race with a load of 20 kg.
The recruitment exercise took place at the Command Post of the 9th Military Sector in Bafoussam, West Region.
As part of the exercise, a preliminary medical examination was conducted on Thursday November 23, 2023, which permitted the commission to retain 1508 candidates for the North- West and West Regions.
In the 20kg race with load, candidate Dogmo Esaie from the Menoua Division, West Region covered the race in 1 hour 42 minutes. While the first candidate for the North- West Region who hails from the Mezam Division did the race in 2 hours 18 minutes. These outstanding candidates received their jersies from the Governor of the West Region, AWA FONKA Augustine.
Follow suite were other complementary exercises as prescribed by the special recruitment commission like the psycho-technical tests, rope-climbing, press-ups amongst a myraid of others.
After the different exercises, 750 candidates were retained for the West and North-West Regions. The West Region happens to be the last phase of the special recruitment of 2000 elite commandos of the Presidential Guard and the Rapid Intervention Battalion 2023.