Fight against large scale banditry: the national gendarmerie nabs a gang of smugglers and drug traffickers.
Following reports from locals of Kokodo 2, Enobita and Etaka villages, in the Elig-Mfomo subdivision, elements of the Monatele Gendarmerie Company carried out a sweep operation on 2nd December 2023, at around

06 suspects aged between 23 and 62 were arrested during this operation led by the Company Commander of the unit.

A search of the homes of the first three suspects led to the seizure of 40 cans worth 780 litres of smuggled petrol, 14 kg of Indian hemp, 03 local 12 gauge weapons with 4 rounds of ammunition, 04 motorbikes of dubious origin (TVS, SANILI, OLIONG), and Indian hemp plants.

At the same location, three other suspects were caught selling and using drugs, illegally possessing firearms and smuggling.

After interrogation, the alleged smugglers and drug traffickers were referred to the Monatele State Counsel Office on 06 December 2023 in order to be held accountable.