A Brief Overview of the Cameroon National Gendarmerie


The Cameroonian National Gendarmerie, which dates back to 4th January ,1920, is one of the oldest forces instituted in Cameroon. With the advent of independence in 1960, the rapid development of the young state significantly influenced its organization with the creation of a corps of auxiliaries of the Gendarmerie recruited locally. It is therefore through the merging of the auxiliaries of the French Gendarmerie and the local forces of the Cameroonian Guard that the Cameroonian Gendarmerie was officially created on 1st April, 1960.

Overview and Organisation

Structured according to its missions and the administrative organization of the national territory, the Gendarmerie is part and parcel of the Defense Forces. The military nature of its statutes and the mixed nature of its both civilian and military service confer it the power to constantly ensure the search for intelligence, the direct action of criminal, administrative and military investigation through a network of 05 Gendarmerie Regions, 11 Legions out of which 10 are shared across the 10 administrative regions except for the eleventh which is located in the Logone and Chari Division, Far-North Region,06 Gendarmerie Territorial Regiments, 05 Road Traffic Squads, 75 Gendarmerie Territorial Companies ,444 Brigades and 160 Gendarmerie Posts.

The Cameroon Gendarmerie is at the same time involved in law enforcement through 06 Mobile Squadron Groups, 38 Mobile Squadrons and 167 Mobile Platoons. It is also at the disposal of other ministerial departments as part of its missions and in compliance with the rules and regulations. As a support protection and relief force to the population par excellence, its action is exercised throughout the national territory and more particularly in rural area and all communication channels.

Simplified organization chart of the Cameroon National Gendarmerie


The Gendarmerie carries out three major categories of police investigation missions: administrative, criminal and military. The administrative investigation police, which guarantees safety, tranquility and public order the Gendarmerie is in charge of executing covers 30% of the missions of the Gendarmerie. The criminal investigation police accounts for about 50% of the missions entrusted to the Gendarmerie. Its purpose is to record infringements of the criminal law, to gather evidence, to search for perpetrators in order to bring them to justice, to execute court warrants and decisions. Finally, the military investigation police is the intermediary between the military authority and the citizens; the Gendarmerie exercises both general preventive military investigation and repressive military criminal investigation.

Other Mission

The Gendarmerie is also an executing body for several other missions entrusted to various government departments such as economic police (control of licenses, prices, etc.), search for customs offenses, control of road traffic, surveillance of air navigation, aerodromes and maritime navigation. It varies depending on whether we are in time of peace or in time of war. In times of peac, the Gendarmerie collaborates with the Defense Forces in intelligence matters and is involved in the implementation of mobilization measures. In times of war, it participates in the internal defense of the territory.

Proximity Gendarmerie

Through the concept of proximity Gendarmerie, the National Gendarmerie is now more than ever present. Its location, its organization, its staff and its action principles empowers it to ensure three aspects essentially related to so –called proximity security, namely:  a visible and permanent presence in time and space, perception of physical milieus in its environment and permanent contact with the population.

Pursuing a career in ther Gendarmerie

The Cameroon Gendarmerie is one of the oldest components of the Cameroon Defense Force. It was created by Decree No. 60 /280, of 31/12/1960, following the merger of the Cameroon Guard with the Auxiliaries Corps of Overseas France. The Cameroon Gendarmerie has various specialties and qualifications. It therefore recruits young Cameroonians of both sexes through a competitive examination, and offers career profiles for Rank-And –Files, Non –Commissioned Officers, and Officers.

The Cameroon Gendarmerie: a meeting place for different professions

The Technical and Logistics Department is central to technical professionalization in the National Gendarmerie. The young recruit can develop professionally by specializing in areas like auto –mechanics, air-conditioning, carpentry, boiler-making, welding, electricity, information technology, communication, interpretation, etc.

The COG (Gendarmerie operational center) at your service 24/24, 7/7 call 113 in case of emergency it is toll -free"

With the Gendarmerie Operational Center, COG, (located in each Regional Chief –Town), people in distress can contact the Gendarmerie by dialing 113.

By calling this toll-free number, telephone operators on duty 24/24, 7/7, shall help you get the assistance of a Gendarmerie team on patrol. Since their creation in 2010, Gendarmerie Operational Centers have provided assistance to more than one million people.

Their accomplishments bring pride to the National Gendarmerie.

You can now contact our anti-corruption unit 24/24, 7/7

To request relief or help

To denounce corrupt practices