Ecumenical mass for fallen comrades and war orphans.
On Friday, 22 December 2023, at around 10 a.m., the National Gendarmerie personnel of the 5th Combined Military Region (RMIA5) together with other Defence and Security Forces, took part in an ecumenical mass presided over by the leaders of Christian and Muslim congregations of the Region at the courtyard of the RMIA5 Command Post in Bamenda.

The ceremony was attended by the Governor of the North-West Region, the President of the Regional Council, the Public Independent Conciliator, the Procureur General of this Court of Appeal, the President of the Administrative Court, the Senior Divisional Officer for Mezam, as well as the two Generals commanding the Fifth Combined Military Region (RMIA5) and the Fifth Gendarmerie Region (RG5) respectively, and a host of other military authorities of the city.

This celebration began with honours given by the Formation Commanders, in front of a memorial erected for the occasion, in tribute to the fallen comrades. The ecumenical leaders then preached, while imploring the Almighty to welcome the souls of the fallen comrades and to provide support to the personnel of the Defence and Security Forces in the performance of their duties. A special prayer was also offered in behalf of war orphans and families of soldiers who perished in the battlefields.

Finally, the celebrants recalled some of the principles of living together peacefully in society. The ceremony ended with a group photograph.