Fight against drug and narcotics trafficking: theKye-ossi Gendarmerie Brigade seizes 13 kg of indian hemp.
Acting on information from the population, this large stock of Indian hemp hidden in a carton was seized at the Kye-Ossi market on 27 December 2023, during a search by elements of the Kye-Ossi Brigade.

Having noted that his goods had been intercepted, the suspected owner left for Gabon, passing through several checkpoints. Fortunately, thanks to the collaboration with the Gabonese police, he was arrested by elements of the Gabonese Judicial Police in Bitam. Repatriated to Cameroon on Thursday, 28 December 2023, he was brought to the Kye-Ossi Gendarmerie Brigade.

After interrogation, the suspect admitted owning a farm of Indian hemp where he regularly get his supplies.

The investigation is currently ongoing, after which the suspect will be referred to the State Counsel Office in order to be held accountable.