Fight against large scale banditry: The Baham Gendarmerie Company busts a gang of alleged criminals.
Reacting to complaints from the population and acting upon strict instructions from hierarchy, elements of the Baham Gendarmerie Company carried out sweep operations in the West Region, notably in the Upper-Plateau (Baham), Nde (Bangangte), Koung-khi (Bandjoun) and Upper-NKam (Bafang) Divisions.

Thanks to the genuine collaboration between this Gendarmerie Company and the population, these operations, launched since 17 December 2023, by the Captain commanding the Baham Gendarmerie Company and his elements, led to the arrest of 08 alleged robbers whose hideouts were in Baham, Bangangte, Foumbot, Mbouda, Bafoussam, Bafang and Douala. They were involved in about 16 robberies in the Region and its environs over the past three weeks.

Conducted in the context of the end-of-year security campaign, these operations led to the seizure of three vehicles believed stolen, including a Toyota Pick-up, a Toyota Rav4 and a Toyota Corolla; two firearms, including a wanted NP18 automatic pistol and a hunting firearm; eleven 9 mm ammunitions; 35 cartons of expensive plant protection products; 05 machetes and nail claws.

Following investigations, the alleged criminals were presented to the press on 10 January 2024, then referred to the Bafoussam Military Court in order to be held accountable.