Digitalisation of the National Gendarmerie: A teaching seminar to officially start the 2nd CAT2 MSIC.
On Friday, 12 January 2023, at 12 noon, the conference room of the High Command for Gendarmerie Schools and Training Centres (CECIG) hosted a teaching seminar to mark the official start of the 2nd Technical Aptitude Certificate No. 2 - Information and Communication Systems Maintenance (CAT2 MSIC).

Chaired by Lieutenant-Colonel BOUM BADI Louis Charles, Director of Studies at the CECIG, the seminar featured a welcome address from the Presiding Officer, an update on the preparations for the module by the Course Director, a round table to seek after first impressions and needs, special instructions from the Presiding Officer and miscellaneous.

In his keynote address, Lieutenant-Colonel BOUM BADI, representing the Colonel commanding the CECIG, emphasized on the smooth conduct of the course, which required the dedicated involvement of anyone concerned.

This was followed by the presentation of the course by the Course Director, Captain EKEMELA MEKA Florent, who is also Head of the Signals Service at the National Gendarmerie.

In his remarks, the Course Director stated that the 2nd CAT2 MSIC is part of the digitalization project of the National Gendarmerie, with a view to training Gendarmes to become specialists in Information and Communication Systems (ICS), capable of deploying, maintaining or restoring the functioning of an ICS infrastructure.

Started a week ago, the 2nd CAT2 MSIC, is attended by 40 trainees, including 05 female staff. For 10 weeks, the trainees will learn the digital environment of the Defence and Security Forces. To this end, there will be study tours at digital infrastructures such as HELIOS, the digital systems of the DGSN, and some telephone operator partners like CAMTEL, ORANGE, MTN and HUAWEI.