Fight against large scale banditry and organized crime: the Ntui Territorial Gendarmerie Brigade get things in order.
Acting on information, the Ntui Gendarmerie Brigade conducted a series of raids from February 03 to 07, 2024, under the supervision of the Ntui Gendarmerie Company Commander. Consequently, a gang of criminals majoring in motorbike theft, burglaries, sale of Indian hemp and illegal possession of firearms was broken up.

The first raid took place on 03 February 03 at 8 p.m. at Nguila village, leading to the arrest of a 29-year-old man found in possession of a motorbike that was stolen just days earlier. His thorough interrogation made it possible to ambush his partner in crime at 10 p.m. on February 04, on the way to Mabongue village (25 km from Ntui), in a house situated in Bami quarter. He was fleeing towards Mbandjock with another stolen motorbike.

The second raid was conducted on 05 February at 06 a.m. Consequently, three other individuals were arrested in a room in Bami quarter. In this room, the law enforcement officers discovered and seized eight (08) large wraps and a plastic bag containing lots of Indian hemp and objects of dubious origin. These included a 17-inch Samsung plasma-screen TV and a 42-inch ITEL TV; 03 speakers, 01 woofer and a white toilet bidet.

At about 06 a.m. on February 07, the finest detectives of the National Gendarmerie raided Nkoloutou village (10 km from Ntui). Consequently, three individuals found in possession of three local 12-gauge weapons and around twenty rounds of ammunition were arrested.

Investigation is going on at the Ntui Brigade, with a view to bringing all these suspects to book.