Fight against drug trafficking: The Baham Gendarmerie Company seizes 550 kilograms of tramadol.
With the rise in drug and narcotics consumption, the National Gendarmerie has stepped up its fight against these scourges across the national territory.

Thus, drug traffickers and dealers grapple with law enforcement officers on a daily basis. Gendarmes are tracking them down to their very limits in order to combat the spread of these psychotropic products which are wreaking havoc among Cameroonian youth.

It is in this context that elements of the Baham Gendarmerie Company, acting under the coordination of the West Legion Commander, arrested a suspect in possession of fake drugs from a neighbouring country that was destined for the black market of the West Region.

Once the suspect was interrogated and information cross-checked, the Baham Company Commander, Captain MEBOUINZ Daniel managed to seize the entire stock of the fake 550 Kg of tramol.

These fake drugs were destroyed upon the decision of the State Counsel. The suspect was referred to court on 07 February 2024.