Fight against drug trafficking among the youth: The Mbalmayo Gendarmerie Company busts a suspect majoring in the sales of drugs in school environments.
On 16 February 2024, as part of its regular clean up operation, the Mbalmayo Gendarmerie Company was informed that a young boy in school uniform with a red backpack had intruded into the premises of Government Bilingual High School Mbalmayo-Oyack, with a view to selling drug tablets to students. That same day, staff elements of the Mbalmayo Company raided the school premises in order to ambush the suspect.

The ambush resulted in the arrest of the 24 year-old young dealer at about 3:30 pm. The alleged criminal was wearing the school uniform. The search of his backpack led to the seizure of 63 tablets of Tramadol.

His interrogation revealed that the suspect is an alleged drug peddler who operates only in schools. He equally indicated that he has a number of uniforms of other schools in Mbalmayo which he uses to enter clandestinely in those school compounds and comfortably operate among students.

The suspect is undergoing questioning in this unit where an investigation is going on.