Ceremony to commission the Colonel commanding the North-west Gendarmerie Legion in Bamenda.
Thanks to Presidential decree No. 2024/063 of 13 March 2024 to appoint officials at the Ministry of Defence, new commanders were appointed to head some Gendarmerie Legions

These include the North-West Gendarmerie Legion with Colonel ZAMBO NGUEMA Etienne Célestin as the new commander, in place of Colonel BOUM BISSOUE Raymond, who has been assigned to another post.

In this context, on Thursday morning, 21 March 2024, the courtyard of the Command Post of the Fifth Combined Military Region (PC/RMIA5) played host to the change of command ceremony that was presided by the Brigadier General commanding the Fifth Gendarmerie Region (COMRG5). Attendants included the Governor of the North-West Region, the President of the North-West Regional Assembly, the Senior Divisional Officer of Mezam, the Bamenda City Mayor, the Brigadier General commanding the RMIA5, traditional, religious, military authorities and some invited guests.

The installation ceremony unfolded as follows: change of command military ceremonial, address by the Bamenda City Mayor, speech by the Brigadier General COMRG5, military parade, congratulations to the promoted official by the authorities, his family and friends, and a press briefing for the occasion.

In his speech, the Bamenda City Mayor consistently recounted the performances of the outgoing Legion Commander, while urging him to remain focused and more devoted to serving the people. This testimony took the form of gifts and traditional outfits that were handed to the outgoing commander.

Speaking in his turn, the Brigadier General COMRG5 strongly urged the new North-West Legion Commander, Colonel ZAMBO NGUEMA Etienne Célestin to spare no effort to tackle the security challenges. He equally urged him to implement, in his jurisdiction, the Army-Nation bond which is dear to the Head of State, Commander of the Armed Forces, through the concept of Proximity Gendarmerie. Accordingly, he added that the new boss of the North-West Legion has the qualifications to take on this position. In fact, this native of Mekomo 1, in the Ntem Valley, South Region, is a graduate of the Combined Services Military Academy (Captain LISSIA MATNA batch). He holds a brevet from the Paris War College and his career path has led him to command territorial, mobile and specialized units.

This military ceremonial ended with a group photograph and a cocktail which took place in the same venue.

On the sidelines of the official ceremony, the Brigadier General COMRG5 chaired a security meeting in the conference room of the Gendarmerie Region Command Post, to provide direction and guidance in order to meet the urgency of appropriate solutions for the restoration of total and lasting calm in the Region.