Gendarme of the month : Lieutenant METUNDE NGA Chrystelle Carole ranked best trainee of the second SCU-Gendarmerie course.
With an average of 16.26, Lieutenant METUNDE NGA Chrystelle Carole came first out of 56 trainees during the Second Unit Commander Course of the National Gendarmerie (SCU-Gendarmerie), held from 23 October 2023 to 05 April 2024 at the National Gendarmerie Officers’ Academy in Yaounde. Her secret lies in discipline, hard work, adaptability, motivation and rigour.

Born on 03 March 1994 in Yaounde, this native of Okola, Lekie Division, in the Centre Region, has always aspired to be a military since she was a child. She passed her Baccalaureat A4 with good marks at age 16, and obtained a Bachelor degree in economics and management at the University of Yaounde II-Soa in 2015, followed by a Master 1 degree in monetary, mathematics and financial macroeconomics. And in 2016, METUNDE was admitted to EMIA.

After completing her training in 2020, this female officer of the 37th batch of EMIA, christened “Major General KODJI Jacob”, joined the National Gendarmerie. She was posted at the Central Department of Administration and Logistics, and later moved to the Budget and Equipment Department of the Ministry of Defence, where she was appointed Deputy Research Officer. She currently heads the MINDEF Public Investment Budget Preparation Bureau, which is part of the Budget Preparation Service.

Lieutenant METUNDE NGA Chrystelle Carole has always stood out for her good work during the various training courses she attended at the National Gendarmerie. She made an impression at the 42nd Practical Training Course for Officers of the National Gendarmerie (SAOGN) in 2021, ranking first with an average of 15/20.

As the second child in a family of three, this avid reader has a strong intellectual potential and with her unending quest for knowledge, Lieutenant METUNDE NGA Chrystelle Carole is currently reading a Master 2 Degree in Public Economics and Public Management at the Advanced Program of Specialization in Public Finance (PSSFP).

She is not planning to stop there. In fact, she is doing her utmost to put her professional and academic strengths at the service of the National Gendarmerie to continue to earn the trust of high command.