Preparation for labour day and unity day celebrations : The National Gendarmeri steps up security in Yaoundé.
In the run-up to Labour Day and Unity Day celebrations on 1 and 20 May 2024 respectively, the Centre Gendarmerie Legion is launching operations to control crime-prone areas in the city of Yaounde.

These began on Tuesday 24 April 2024, in the jurisdiction of the Yaounde I Gendarmerie Company, covering the Carrefour Sous-préfecture-Feux Madagascar-Marché Mokolo-Mosquée Centrale and Briqueterie sections.


Efforts focused on the Sous-préfecture Tsinga-Carrefour Fecafoot stretch, which is seen as a critical area, with criminals known as “microbes” assaulting passers-by during evenings. Another critical area which required special attention was the Tradex Mokolo Elobi roundabout, where drug sales and use has become very common.

Consequently, 109 individuals were arrested, including 68 with no identity cards and a drug dealer; 08 motorbikes without any particulars, and a large stock of Indian hemp and other drugs were seized.

Those arrested are undergoing interrogation at the Yaounde I Gendarmerie Company Headquarters.

The Yaounde II and III Gendarmerie Companies will take over in the coming days.