In-service training : CAT2 Trainees the Maintenance of Information and Communication Systems visit digital infrastructures.
As part of the practical phase of their training which started on 08January 2024 with theoretical teachings,

trainees attending the second Technical Aptitude Certificate No. 2 Course dubbed Maintenance of Information and Communication Systems (2nd CAT2 MSIC) visited three digital infrastructures in the town of Yaounde last 22 and 23 May 2024. Thus, under the supervision of the Deputy Course Director Captain MENYE NGUINI Marie Ynès who is also commanding the Signals Training Centre, the trainees visited the videosurveillance centre of the National Delegation for National Security, the cybersecurity laboratory of the National Advanced School of Engineering, and the Operations Centre of HELIOS ITECH CENTRE.


The aim of these technical visits was to bring the trainees closer to the digital environment of the Defence and Security Forces by teaching them specific knowledge on computer infrastructure, security protocols and adequate data protection practices. These have helped the trainees to better understand the theoretical lessons they have acquired and to develop their technical skills and gain experience on case studies.

The second CAT2 MSIC ends on May 8, 2024 with the award of certificates to the trainees.