Brigadier General MAHAMAT AHMED has been at the helm of the National Fire Brigade since 2011. He was trained at the EMIAC (Combined Services Military Academy of Cameroon) in Yaoundé, holds a “Brevet d’Etudes Militaires Supérieures” (Diploma in Advanced Military Studies, BEMS) from the National Defence University of China, and is a graduate of the IHEDN (Institute of Advanced Studies in National Defence) in Paris and of the ACSS (Africa Centre for Strategic Studies) in Washington. Brigadier General MAHAMAT AHMED served for more than ten years in paratrooper units before taking up training duties and being drafted into the major staff. He was later promoted to the rank of Brigadier General as Head of Military Secretariat of the Ministry of Defence (CSM/MINDEF).


The Commander of the National Fire Brigade is responsible for the conduct of the specific activities of the Corps, the general conception of the action and continuity of the services, the setting up, preparation, training and maintenance of the Firefighters Units.

In that light, he:

  • Participates in the design and implementation of emergency plans to deal with disasters and serious accidents;
  • Draws up and submits projects and plans for the organisation and development of the National Fire Brigade;
  • Participates in drafting the Corps’ budget, in liaison with other bodies and administrations concerned;
  • Prepares and proposes equipment and infrastructure programmes for the Units;
  • Participates in the management of personnel in his formation;
  • Is responsible, within the purview of approved plans and programmes, for the organisation, conditioning and maintenance of the Units and the operational resources put at his disposal;
  • Is responsible for the discipline and morale of Corps personnel;
  • Participates in updating building protection plans, in liaison with the relevant authorities and organisations;
  • Participates in researching and exploiting information relating to his missions;

Assists, where necessary, judicial police officers in the performance of their duties.