The National Fire Brigade comprises a Headquarters, Formations and Units.

The Headquarters is organised around three divisions, namely the Operational Division, which coordinates all operational activities, the Administrative and Logistics Division, which provides support for the Units, and the Health Division, which provides medical care for personnel and their families and acts on behalf of the people. The Commander of the National Fire Brigade is assisted by a Second-in-Command and a Chief of Staff. The latter coordinates the Corps’ Divisions and Health Service.


  • The Administrative and Logistics Division:

Is responsible for personnel administration, the budget and logistic support for the Units. It comprises the Personnel and Chancellery Service, the Finance Service, the Technical Service and the Equipment and Supplies Service.

  • The Employment Division:

Is responsible for coordinating the operational activities of the National Fire Brigade and for general studies. It comprises the Operations Service, the Training and Development Service and the General Studies and Fire Prevention Service.

  • The Health Service:

Is responsible for forecasting and monitoring personnel health problems, equipment and the running of infirmaries. It comprises the Mail, Documentation and Archives Office, the Administrative and Financial Office and the Technical Office.