*Violent feu d’entrepôt Ngaoundéré*
On Wednesday 27 December 2023 at 22h50mn, the Ngaoundere Emergency Centre was called to a violent fire in the Madagascar neighbourhood, behind the Doumbé Oumar stadium in the Ngaoundéré IIe district.

The fire involved a wood storage warehouse with a total surface area of around 2,000 square metres.

Thanks to the action of 02 small hoses, the fire was contained and extinguished.

The airport fire brigade was called in to help.

Several norias were needed to overcome the flames.

There was no loss of life, but a great deal of material damage, including a dozen machines and a large part of the warehouse, was consumed in the flames.

The operation was completed at 08:00 the following day.

A total of 03 pumping engines and around twenty personnel were actively involved in extinguishing the fire.

It’s important to know that wood storage warehouses are important places for fires to develop and spread.

Safety and risk prevention rules must be strict.

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