Festivities to mark the international women’s day celebration: The female personnel of the National Gendarmerie organize an exhibition fair.
On Thursday 07 March 2024, the public yard of Camp Yeyap Moussa served as venue for an exhibition fair.

This was part of the cultural week organized by the National Gendarmerie to recognize its female personnel in the context of the International Women’s Day celebrations.

Chaired by the Brigadier General commanding the First Gendarmerie Region (GB/COMPRG) who was representing the Secretary of State to the Minister of Defence in charge of the National Gendarmerie, this fair sought to propose a number of activities that would make the visitors experience a cultural exchange in the 10 Regions of the country.

These activities included traditional dances, play-backs, poems which sang the praises of women and sketches on gender-based violence. Plus a fashion show featuring women Gendarmes and related staff clothed in attires which represent the various regions of Cameroon.

To top it off, the GB/COMPRG with his attendants visited the various stands grouped by Regions that were showcasing different traditional items and dishes.

Moments of gastronomy and tasting sessions of local dishes rounded off this colourful cultural day.