Discover the Nylon Gendarmerie Brigade.
The Nylon Gendarmerie Brigade was created by Presidential Decree No. 93/122 of 24 April 1993 as a unit of the Douala II Gendarmerie Company. It is located along the National Highway No. 3, in the Douala 3 Subdivision, precisely between “Carrefour marché Ndogpassi and Tradex Borne 10”.

The jurisdiction of this territorial unit of the National Gendarmerie covers about 300 km2. It shares its Northern border with the New-Bell Gendarmerie Brigade via the Km5 neighbourhood; its Southern border with the Bakoko Gendarmerie Brigade via the ARI entrance; its East border with the Mbanga Pongo Gendarmerie Post via the Billes entrance, and its West border by the Bassa Gendarmerie Brigade via the Ndogpassi 2 neighbourhood. This area has a cosmopolitan population estimated at over one million, 97% of whom are from the West and 3% from other ethnic groups.

Led by Chief Warrant Officer NKINDA Yannick Willy since 03 May 2023, the Nylon Gendarmerie Brigade mainly performs administrative police duties, criminal investigations and law enforcement. However, it faces challenges such as itinerant crime in groups (microbes and the likes), organized crime, large-scale banditry as well as drug sale, use and trafficking, on a daily basis. With its dynamic and committed team, the Nylon Gendarmerie Brigade protects people and their property everyday in this area thanks to day and night patrols, unannounced raids in crime-prone areas in its jurisdiction, sweep operations and so on. These operations also help to gain the confidence of the population, to deepen ties and close collaboration with them. As a result, the people are becoming less reluctant to provide intelligence for fear of reprisal.

In case of distress, feel free to visit the unit or call 113. Moreover, if you are victim of abuse or bribery by a Gendarme, dial 1501 to denounce. The call is a free of charge.