International labour day 2024 : The National Gendarmerie celebrates its civilian personnel.
As part of the 138th edition of the International Labour Day under the theme " Constructive Social Dialogue : Vector of Decent Work and Social Progress", the National Gendarmerie, through its civilian personnel, carried out a number of activities to mark this event.

Tout d’abord, le 02 mai 2024, pour le compte des activités sportives, deux rencontres amicales ont été organisées, opposant les équipes de Football de la Gendarmerie Nationale et celles des autres Forces du Ministère de la Défense (Dames d’une part et Messieurs d’autre part). Ces deux rencontres se soldées par deux victoires pour la Gendarmerie Nationale.

First, on 02 May 2024, there were two friendly encounters pitting the women and men football teams of the National Gendarmerie and those of the Ministry of Defence. Both matches ended with two victories by the teams of the National Gendarmerie.

The second phase of the celebration took place on 1st May 2024, with a parade at the 20 May Boulevard, involving the personnel of the National Gendarmerie and those of other defence and security forces.

The climax of the event was the cocktail offered by Mr SED/CGN to the civilian personnel, with the Colonel Inspector No. 1 sitting as his representative. In his address, Mr MOUNPE ABDOU SALAM, Delegate of the Civilian personnel of the National Gendarmerie, thanked the hierarchy for the concern towards the civilian personnel. However, he pleaded for the need to build the capacities of these personnel so that they can better accomplish the duties assigned to them.

Speaking in his turn, the Colonel Inspector No. 1, on behalf of Mr SED/CGN, promised to convey the grievances of the civilian personnel to Hierarchy, stating that Hierarchy will continue efforts to improve the living and working conditions of this personnel, depending on the resources available. He also conveyed the instructions of Mr SED/CGN to this staff, notably the duty of confidentiality about the posting of documents classified as confidential and military secrecy on social media, and about integrity and moral rectitude in their individual conduct.

The ceremony ended with a meal and melodies performed by the orchestra of the Gendarmerie Band.