Student-Gendarmes of the 2022 contingent promoted to the rank of Gendarmes.
After spending a year of training at the Armed Forces and Gendarmerie Training Centres and another probationary year on the ground, Student-Gendarmes of the 2022 contingent have been promoted to the rank of Gendarme, as from 03 June 2024.

To this effect, Territorial and Mobile Units, Specialized Formations and Central Services of the National Gendarmerie where they are posted made arrangements to award them stripes.

This year’s ceremonies attracted large crowds and were honoured by the presence of numerous administrative and military authorities. This was the case in Bertoua, where the Governor of the East Region and the Brigadier General, Commander of the 12th Motorized Infantry Brigade, marked the occasion by putting on the stripes on the shoulders of those promoted.

In their speeches, they urged the new Gendarmes to maintain strict discipline, professionalism and hard work in order to continue to enjoy the trust of their superiors.

Congratulations to those promoted. We wish you all the best!