Colonel MEYONG Patrice bids farewell to Arms
On Friday 28 June 2024, Brigadier General ELOKOBI Daniel NJOCK, Central Director of Coordination (GB/DCC) chaired the farewell cocktail party for Colonel MEYONG Patrice, the outgoing Director of Administrative, Financial and Land Affairs of the National Gendarmerie.

Attendants included several officers, non-commissioned officers, Gendarmes and civilians working in the Central services of the National Gendarmerie, who had come to express their friendship and their gratitude to the one who was still their colleague a day before.

After the prayers to bless the merrymaking and to commend his new life to God, the now retired Colonel MEYONG Patrice took the floor to express his deep gratitude to the entire chain of command of the Defense Forces in general, and that of the National Gendarmerie in particular. He thanked God for the 34 years of good and loyal service spent serving the Nation and he equally expressed his profound gratitude to Mr SED/CGN for contributing to his personal, family and professional development.

Speaking to his young colleagues, he urged them to be disciplined and to demonstrate selflessness, respect and determination in the work and missions entrusted to them.

Speaking in his turn, the GB/DCC began by expressing the gratitude and appreciation of High Command to this officer who has left his mark during his command and his career, by showing a great deal of loyalty with the highest degree of competence.

Colonel MEYONG Patrice, who was also celebrating his birthday, received several gifts from colleagues and friends as a way of bidding farewell and wishing him the best of luck after his military career. He also received a special gift from Colonel ENGOZO’O, Commander of the High Command for Gendarmerie Schools and Training Centres (CECIG), in appreciation for his outstanding collaboration, which has helped raise the profile of CECIG.

Enlisted in August 1990 and having served for 34 years, this man with a wealth of experience has done his job under the flag with distinction.

Through this ceremony, the National Gendarmerie as a whole owes a debt of gratitude to this brave military man and wishes him a deserved rest with his family.

All the best in your new life, Colonel!