Fire fighter evaluate, plan for end of year 2023.
Central and territorial Commanders of the Fire Fighters Corps converged at the Command Post of the Fire Fighters Corps for the traditional annual end-of-year security meeting on November 28, 2023.
The meeting served as a platform to evaluate and prospect for 2024.
Presiding the security meeting, the Commander of the Fire Fighter’s Corps, Brigadier General Mahamat Ahmed Kotoko emphasized that, within the year, the Fire Fighters Corps have carried out 2500 missions to satiate fire outbreaks, 1500 assistance missions and 700 interventions for the protection of persons and their property. Apart from its different interventions, Brigadier General Mahamat Ahmed Kotoko reiterated that, the Fire Fighters Corps through its professional staff, 5250 personnel of banks and enterprises have been trained on safety measures while 4000 children have been drilled overtime on the notions of the missions of the Fire Fighter’s Corps and other first aid dispositions to be taken into consideration in order to save lives.
Apart from the evaluation, the Commander of the Fire Fighters Corps added that, the corps will spring as far as equipment is concern thanks to the Cooperation agreement signed between Cameroon-France through DESAUTEL enterprise. A gesture which will permit the corps meet up with the challenges of protecting persons and their property.
According to the Brigadier General, this cooperation agreement between Cameroon-France makes provisions for the acquisition of 227 equipment comprising of 72 Water tanks, 42 emergency vehicles, 9 medicalized ambulances, 8 heavy duty trucks, 6 reserve oxygen equipped trucks, 21 safety boats, 5 technology risk CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear response) vehicles, 5 command vehicles and 42 intervention vehicles for general use. Thus, enhancing the operational capacity of the corps nationwide and beyond.

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