Visit of Major General Joseph DUPRE LA TOUR to Cameroon.
February 02, 2024. A memorable date for the National Fire Brigade. Brigadier General MAHAMAT AHMED, Commander of the National Fire Brigade, welcomed Major General Joseph DUPRÉ LA TOUR, Commander of the Paris Fire Brigade (COM BSPP) to his command post.

After a working session in the conference room of the EM/CNSP, the BSPP COM and its entourage had a full day, articulated in several rather enriching activities.

First of all, the visit to the little ones of the Retreat Primary School, where the honor was given to the BSPP COM, to sit in the classroom that had once welcomed him as a student.

Then it was time for a visit to the Ministry of Defense where he will be received in audience by the Minister Delegate to the Presidency in charge of Defense, Mr. BETI ASSOMO Joseph.

Still accompanied by his delegation and that of the CNSP COM, the BSPP COM stopped at the 10°GSP command post. He received military honours, and was welcomed by Lieutenant Colonel NTUNTU Leonard, Commander of the 10°GSP, before ending his tour at the National Museum where he will escape into the rich history of Cameroon’s culture.

This exhilarating day ended with a dinner offered by the CNSP COM in honor of its counterpart at the <<NOAH VILLAGE>> restaurant, in the presence of the staff and various distinguished guests of the National Fire Brigade.

However, each stage of this visit was marked by an exchange of gifts, the signing of the Guest Books and a family photo, in order to seal these moments to be marked with a white stone.

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