Ceremony to commission the Colonel commanding the West Gendarmerie Legion in Bafoussam.
By decree No. 2024/063 of 13 March 2024, the Head of State, Commander of the Armed Forces, appointed new officials at the helm of some Gendarmerie Legions.

These include the West Gendarmerie Legion with Colonel ABBA SAIDOU as the new commander, in place of Colonel MBANG MINLO’O, who has been assigned to another post.

Further to this appointment, the Brigadier General commanding the Fifth Gendarmerie Region (COMRG5) commissioned into position the appointed senior officer on 22 March 2024, at the courtyard of the ninth Military Sector (SM9) in Bafoussam. The change of command ceremony was attended by the Governor of the West Region, the President of the West Regional Assembly, the Brigadier General commanding the RMIA5, the Senior Divisional Officer of Mifi, the Bafoussam City Mayor, numerous civil, military, political, traditional and religious authorities and a host of invited guests, including a strong number of natives of DII in the West.

The installation ceremony unfolded as follows: change of command military ceremonial, speech by the Brigadier General COMRG5, congratulations to the promoted official by the authorities, his family and friends, and military parade.

In his speech, the Brigadier General COMRG5 started by commending the outgoing Legion Commander for the good services he rendered to the people of the West Region and for adequately managing his staff. He went on to strongly urge the new West COLEGION, Colonel ABBA SAIDOU, to always live up to the expectations that the people, his collaborators and his bosses have for him, with an endless concern for promoting the Proximity Gendarmerie concept. He equally urged him to be rigorous in the management of human and material resources and to firmly address the numerous challenges, such as the fight against trafficking in arms and ammunitions, human remains, drugs and psychotropic products, as well as related actions to undertake.

Colonel ABBA SAIDOU hails from Dema, a village in the Mbe Sub-division, Vina Division, in the Adamawa Region. He is a graduate of the Combined Services Military Academy (Captain LISSIA MATNA batch). He holds a Master 2 degree in International Security from the Institute of International Relations of Cameroon (IRIC), and a Higher Degree of Security Studies from the International School for Security Forces (EIFORCES). His numerous exploits earned him decorations, commendations and satisfaction testimonials during his career in territorial commands and specialized units (GPIGN) and his numerous participations in peacekeeping missions.

This ceremonial ended with a group photograph and a cocktail which took place in the Command Post of the 9th Military Sector and at the Sare Hotel in Kamkop.